Solving Problems in the Workshop: My First 5 Product Designs

Solving Problems in the Workshop: My First 5 Product Designs

In my first blog post, I shared my goal to design 100 products in 2 years and the approach I've taken to overcome common obstacles that inventors face. Today, I want to dive deeper into my journey and share the first five designs that I created to kickstart my goal.

The first design I created was a power tool battery hanger. These are simple 3D printed parts that can be screwed to a wall and provide a home for your battery. I created versions for RYOBI, Milwaukee M12, Black and Decker 20v, Festool drill battery, and DeWalt flex volt. This was a great test for my CAD skills and by the fifth hanger, I had become quite proficient with the process.

These hangers are all unique, but they all follow the same set of parameters. A C-shape is 90% of the hanger, and then I added clearance down the middle, at the top and bottom. Once the C-shape fit, I could add the final touches. These hangers were listed on my website within the first five days.

It's worth noting that this is not a novel product, I had made a similar version for my rigid batteries years before. However, I wanted to create a solution that was better than stacking the batteries on my workbench. While I never saw this idea in the wild, it is such a common issue that by the time I launched my website, the internet was flooded with sellers. But, I ignored this obstacle and forged ahead with my goal.

This first design was a good start and it helped me to get the ball rolling, it was easy to make and I could list it on my website fast. It was also a great way to test my CAD skills and refine my design process. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress as I continue to design and create new products.


  1. Have you ever faced a common obstacle when designing a product and how did you overcome it?
  2. How do you organize and store your power tool batteries?
  3. Have you ever designed a product that solved a problem in your own life?


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