Design 14-19 The Drill Press Caddy

Design 14-19 The Drill Press Caddy

The drill press is a necessary tool in any workshop, but it has a flaw - there is no storage on or around it. This can make it difficult to find and access the bits you need while using the drill press.

To solve this problem, I designed a collar that fits around the post of the drill press, with 4 dovetailed sections. You can attach any 4 sections you choose - such as a 29 piece drill holder, lettered drill bit holder, a tray, an oil can holder, a cup holder, and hooks for rags. This allows for a fully customized drill press storage solution.

Unfortunately, the size of drill press posts have a wide range and newer ones that have a rack and pinion table lift can't use it. But that doesn't mean I don't create it and offer it. Despite these lingering issues, several people purchased the Drill Press Caddy, but I plan to iterate this idea in the near future to address these limitations and provide a more versatile and universal solution.

  1. How does the Drill Press Caddy solve the problem of not having storage on or around the drill press?
  2. What are some limitations of the Drill Press Caddy?
  3. How do you plan to address the limitations of the Drill Press Caddy in the future?

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